“Louis D. Lo Praeste is the Jackson Pollock of contemporary contextual intelligence.It is amazing how you simplify complex themes with ease and make these really condensed concepts accessible.”

Jennifer Sertl - co-author Strategy, Leadership and the Soul

“Louis D. LoPraeste starts by asking what constitutes a meaningful life, finding a lack of ethos in American corporate culture, where “love and meaning are marginal in the institutionalized definition of success”. Although it can seem that the American media intentionally portrays the world as fragmented, discussing current affairs in simplistic dichotomies, LoPraeste brings a refreshing perspective, covering a wide spectrum of political, social and personal topics, looking at what has become broken and how we can respond. While unafraid to deal with challenging topics such as alcohol and drug abuse in Silicon Valley, the exploitation of emotions and the excesses of pop-culture, there is much in this book to inspire and contemplate; ideas designed to help us bring back dynamism into the workplace and develop authentic leaders of the future who are able to catalyze the transition into a new reality.”

—Simon Robinson, Founder Holonomics Education and co-author of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter and Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design (2017)


“Louis D. LoPraeste in his book Vague Apocalyptica guides us through the recovery of The Human Centric Ethos Society; proposes the implementation of the World Enterprise Architecture System, targeting to monitor and control, the concepts of “Entropy, Asymmetry, and Irrationality” as applied to “Economics.” His goal to nothing short of avoiding the cyclical recurrence of financial meltdowns, abating inequality, and constructing a just society.”

—José Augustin Gonzolez, EPC Mega-Projects Quality Systems Engineering


“Louis does not hold back. He aptly describes across a broad spectrum many of the fundamental issues, the lack of ethos, underlying the symptoms of breakdown across systems which many of us are experiencing on a global scale, but only watching passively on the nightly news. His sometimes brutal, but appropriate and accessible language paints a picture of the stark realities we are facing if we wish something other than a bleak future. As humanity, it is time to take a long hard look in the mirror. This book serves that purpose and is a serious call to action - yours and mine. Only if we step up as individuals, connect with each other and build effective networks will we be able to create a future we would want to live in, a future of love and meaning.”

—Philip Horváth, Planetary Strategist | Luman.io


Vague Apocalyptica was that ‘truth pill’ I swallowed, taking me on a both painful and enlightening roller coaster-like journey behind the veil. It is a journey such that once taken, one never can return to ingenuity. I have undergone my transformation from the troubled, sometimes puzzled, sometimes doubtful, always inquiring, wondering-what-is-wrong, person to…the eyes open person I am now. An enlightening, awakening, compelling book!”

—Diana Barbonta, MD, PhD, Founder and Owner of Diatrial Ltd


“At once reasonable and revolutionary, Vague Apocalyptica is a primer for the conversations necessary to develop innovative solutions to global challenges. LoPraeste has the mind of a mathematician and the heart of priest; equally adept at socioeconomic analysis as he is philosophical inquiry. The result is a work that seeks common ground between capitalism, humanism and spirituality; the kind of integrated thinking needed to move beyond ideological agendas toward progressive action that will transform the marketplace and society. Not claiming to have all the answers but certainly asking the right questions with deep understanding in a variety of disciplines, LoPraeste is a kind of capitalist monk for our time, a brilliant and authentic voice with his feet firmly planted on the ground as he peers just above the clouds.”

—Justin King-Hall, Vice President and Creative Director of Transit LLC


“This tome is not a book for the faint of the heart, or those looking to be reassured. Throughout the book, Louis provides a full throated clarion call to action; I was particularly drawn to the insightful chapter, Silicon Valley and the Giving Tree. Here, Louis examines ‘app culture’ with a critical eye, taking aim at the incredible talent sink and time waste that goes into providing mild conveniences for the well to do at the expense of tackling meaningful challenges. Read this book if you are tired of the promise that ‘the best world yet is one app creation away.’ In a landscape barren of honesty Louis is an oasis of insight. Read this book if you are a human, and believe in fighting for human dignity and want a blueprint by which to do it. Read this book.”

—Zachary Barclift, Systems Analyst, Marine Veteran


“Reading the essays in Vague Apocalyptica, I am continually reminded of Albert Camus. Like Camus, Louis is essentially a moralist at heart. Rebellion is the eternal human condition, a struggle against ignorance and injustice to articulate the tenets of a life worth living. Driven by a philosophic mind, informed by his intellectual training in the US and abroad, Lou is a seeker. Vague Apocalyptica is much more than just the latest installment of his journey, it's a trip no one should miss.”

—Michael Jacobs, Managing Partner
Our True North