Capernaum, A Novel.

From the novel-


"I realized at one point in Afghanistan that religion wasn’t the problem. A perpetual, never-ending want for certainty plagues humanity. F-ck property rights, or oil, or religion. People fight and die for certainty, which is a f-cking joke when you think about it for a minute. We want desperately to be right, all of us. Some of us wish to be right about what G-d is and is not. Others wish to be right about what politics or money is or is not, or what constitutes a healthy marriage or a good day. It seems that if people gave up needing to be so goddamn right all the time, we’d all be fine. People are shooting each other to prove the most stupid f-cking things. At that same time, I saw that we all desire forgiveness for the innumerable faults we have, and yet we cannot forgive. We have a strong desire to vindicate ourselves, even minimally if we must. This is the most prevalent of modern diseases. Life is about apologies and retractions, laughter and sadness, every day. There is this great, wild streaking love in the world with unequally extreme hatred nipping at its heels ready to take it down into the dirt. This is the Way. It looks like death but it’s the Way. It’s hard to talk about compassion and hope when you’ve seen the vultures ripping at the carcass more than once…" 


Reviews for Capernaum:

Swept out to sea, and pulled back by a tidal wave of emotion

This is simply and astonishing debut by Mr. Lo Praeste. All the characters maintain a surreal intensity throughout, while avoiding cartoonish or fantastic personalities. From any direction the novel seems to draw a kernel of truth and maybe even salvation from the abyss of otherwise unmitigated moral conflict.

 A word artist is born....

Jeffery Mercer 

Written with a unique, riveting style, I find myself unable to put this book down. As a psychologist, this book grips me at a gut level as it unfolds the many layers of a man's psyche during his journey thru life. Readers will find this book intriguing and therapeutic. Bibliotherapy at it's best. Should sit on shelves beside "Fire in the Belly". Enjoy!

Another great book by Louis D. Lo Praeste!

Maria Xenidou December 18, 2016

Louis D. Lo Praeste is a truly authentic writer and possesses a genuine human spirit in a philosopher’ mind. In this book, Louis takes us through painful and tragic life situations that challenge the human spirit and mind. His story evolves in multiple layers, like an onion; the more we read, the deeper we get to the story and the more pain we feel. And then, there is hope, for tomorrow, for life. I do not know many authors who can write about so deep painful life experiences and find the courage to come-out so strong, yet peaceful. This book can lead the readers to various paths depending on their own painful experiences.

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