In June of 2017, I published a collection of essays, “Vague Apocalyptica,” themed around democracy, corporatism, and humanism. In 2018, I plan to publish a new collection of essays on quantum mechanics and metaphysics and my second novel, “Latent Sonata.”



"Essential reading for every American. Beautifully written, this series of essays will at turns wake you up, piss you off and compel you to action. Get the actual soft copy which you can hold in your hands, take to the beach or a quiet place and contemplate each section then share it with someone you care about after you've read it. Louis has a rare gift for language and you come away sharper, smarter, and more aware of all the issues that currently plague American society and culture. This is the perfect book to give to any 18-20 something in your life as well so they can actually read and digest something of substance and begin to develop their own points of view on each of these critical issues. We need every American to read this and engage as informed citizens. Am so thankful there are writers in the world still left like Louis. This is a rare gem."

- Cari Guittard



"Capernaum is a gripping novel that will pull you in from the moment you pick it up. The story draws a paralleled comparison between two kinds of wars-including childhood trauma and actual war on the battlefield. The story will hold you close, as you begin to learn about the silent and painful struggles of one man's youth, family secrets fighting for mere survival, and how a father has an unyielding negative impact on the lives of his children and wife. As you follow the main character, you can understand his pain on the battlefield and within his home. Prepare to feel attached to him, cheer for him and even love him. This book is challenging to put down; be prepared for an emotional read. The story can touch anyone's heart, as it did mine so gracefully. Mr. Lo Praeste has a unique tone in his words; I highly recommend this book."

- Robyn D. Schulman