Louis D. Lo Praeste is a published author, philosopher and poet. Dubbed the "Jackson Pollock of contemporary contextual intelligence" for his critical analysis of politics, economics, and culture, he is considered a prolific thought leader and engaging speaker. Louis was named a LinkedIn “Top Voice” for Management and Culture in 2015 and is a contributor to the New York Institute of Finance, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and various other publications and venues.

His first novel, "Capernaum" was released in July 2016. 


“Louis possesses the rare gift of deep listening skills which enlightens his talented writing as a natural knowledge beyond the common perceptions about business issues and humans needs. He is extremely open minded about his work which is infectious, makes it fun to learn, and easy to remember, with his educational prism rooted by a wide literary and cultural references, so impressive as experienced. He always has a creative and positive outlook and he’s good at organizing and bringing people together. His style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. If you have questions, and want to have fun while learning, hire Louis ! He’s one of the best, but also a good person as a genuine human!”
 -Laurent Boccherini, Management Consultant, Gibraltar

"I came across Louis in December 2015, when he was voted as one of the Top Voices on LinkedIn. I started reading his posts and before you know it, I was hooked. Louis is a unique and charismatic author. He awakens my brain like a Greek philosopher can only do. His writing is authentic, enlightening and thought provoking. He covers a broad repertoire of topics, from strategy to leadership, from politics to the human behavior. He writes about what really matters in life in the most profound way. He speaks his mind and challenges the status quo. He is a truly authentic writer and possesses a genuine human spirit. His writing guides me through deep reflection that helps me evolve on a personal and professional level. His words lead me to a quiet place that I can find peace, stay still and reflect. This helps me to stay grounded, awake and human, while I tackle my personal and professional challenges. Louis D. Lo Praeste is truly an inspiring voice in the wilderness, an unbiased thinker and communicator who puts the reader first."
-Maria Xenidou, PhD, New York, New York

"I'd suggest staying clear of the writings of Louis if one is not mentally prepared to be intellectually and emotionally or, robust enough to handle justification for ones arguments. He has a keen and unique handle of geopolitics and understanding of the human condition but manages to debate and cause inquiry with a mischievous and deft touch. His work exudes the authority of someone well read, widely traveled and experienced in the work arena. A voice worth listening too."
-Paul Fox, Professional Coach for High Level Executives, London England.